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You should be warned some Button Hill spoilers lay just beneath the surface of this blog. Dig down even a bit, and you may learn things you’ll wish you hadn’t – if you haven’t finished the story yet.

Still here? Alright; remember you were warned.

So I arrive at school on Wednesday, to discover this note on my desk:


A reader writes me a note to tell me what should happen next…

It seems some Button Hill readers are getting impatient for a sequel, and have taken it upon themselves to tell me what to write.  A few readers left comments or sent me an email to let me know what should happen next too:

Submitted on 2015/05/15 at 11:15 AM  by Yesha:
-Hey can you please make someone die or make a new character.

This is a brilliant idea!

And via the Contact the Author page:

Alexia has sent you a message from the website:

Hi Michael Bradford. I was just wondering if you would make a series of Button Hill? I really enjoyed the book and would appreciate of u did make a series. But if your not interested in making a series then that is fine with me.

I was invited to teach a writers workshop with grade 8 students on how to make a story’s setting come to life (more on this workshop next post).  Whenever I go to an event, I take this book and invite people to write me a message in it:


Step into…the guestbook!

And inside, one of the students decided to name the sequel:

A Queen Elizabeth School student suggests a title for the Button Hill sequel...

A Queen Elizabeth School student suggests a title for the Button Hill sequel…

The Day Two Worlds Combined… catchy.

These messages from readers made me wonder – what are other Button Hill readers imagining should happen next?  I’m writing the first draft of the sequel as we speak.  Have an idea for a new character, or something you’d like to see happen in the next story?  Make a comment  – I promise to respond to every one, and if I use your idea in the story, I will add you to the credits!

Happy reading!


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