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Read more than you write.

Read what you love. Challenge yourself to read things you didn’t think you would be into. For me, I’m a sci-fi and fantasy junkie. But make myself read all kinds of non-fiction, and I have better ideas for writing because of it.

Write every day if you can. Your subconscious will do more of the work that way. If you’re busy, it’s better to cut back than cut out entirely. But write often, and finish what you write.

Talk to other writers – if you’re public library has a writer in residence, go see her. Even if you are a total beginner. Even if you are 12 years old, the writer in residence will be delighted to see you (maybe take your Mom with you so she can get the donuts).

Most writing is re-writing. When you get to the end of a story, leave it for awhile, then come back and see what you can improve. As you change and grow so will your ability to revise your story.

Have fun with it! It’s hard work, but it’s a great feeling when you know you’ve written something good (Snoopy said that).

How about you? What’s your best advice for aspiring writers? I would love to hear what you think – make a comment below!

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