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Right now I’m working on a sequel to Button Hill. Dekker and Riley left some unfinished business in Nightside at the end of the story, and some of the citizens of Nightside have been waking me up at night to tell me that they’re not finished with Dekker and Riley, either. Also, where Dekker and Riley live, school starts pretty soon, and that’s always tough in a new town. And I was wondering if Aunt Primrose will treat her niece and nephew any differently, now that they know (some of) her secrets?

It was too much to keep in my brain, so now it has to come out. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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    • Michael Bradford

      Hi Yesha, I am writing the sequel to Button Hill right now, and I can promise you that some pretty bad things are going to happen to some of the main characters during their next adventure – maybe even death! If you were going to create a new character who would it be?


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