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Leading up to the release of Button Hill, I imagined the official launch at the Saskatoon McNally Robinson on April 27 at 7:00pm  (you should come; there will be cookies and punch and reading) as the first big public moment in my life as an author. How wrong I was. I have experienced many wonderfully surreal… Read more »

Starred review by QUILL & QUIRE

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“A scrumptious Gothic treat, oozing high-calorie horror and delectable dread … Although Dekker’s quest seems hopeless at times, Bradford never lets him or the reader slide into complete despair. “A cheerful optimism bounces through the story, much of it coming from the upbeat, buoyant Riley … A rollicking good read, with adventures tumbling one after… Read more »


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To celebrate the release of Button Hill, I recently offered a giveaway on Goodreads. Never having done something like that before, I was hoping that the ten copies I had set aside would find appreciative homes. Imagine my utter delight to find that about 900 people entered the contest! I am truly grateful that so… Read more »