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To celebrate the release of Button Hill, I recently offered a giveaway on Goodreads. Never having done something like that before, I was hoping that the ten copies I had set aside would find appreciative homes. Imagine my utter delight to find that about 900 people entered the contest!

I am truly grateful that so many people are interested in the book. Many thanks to Goodreads for creating an engaging forum that empowers authors and readers to connect directly; the winners all live in the USA, surprisingly, and I am so pleased that the audience for Button Hill can be found throughout Canada and also beyond. The winning entrants will receive their copies in the post directly from the publisher, Orca Books.

Thank you to the entire Goodreads community for your interest and support. Writing is often quite a solitary pursuit, so it’s very meaningful to suddenly find myself connected to an entire network of fellow book-lovers. I’m proud to be one of you. Thanks again!

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