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    • Michael Bradford

      Hi Mattea, I think great books have at least 3 important things:
      1. Compelling people (can also be a talking animal) – by compelling I mean we can relate to them, but they are unusual, quirky, and interesting in some way. Like people in the real world, they need to change and evolve as the story progresses.
      2. Impossible problems. Something you didn’t expect has to happen to these compelling people, something that you don’t think they can get out of. That makes a story interesting!
      3. Satisfying – but surprising solutions. Somehow those compelling people solve their impossible problem, in a way you never expected! There could be dire consequences – but in a story this is good!

      Hope this helps – what would you say is the most important part of a story?

      • Mattea

        I really like it when a person has real life problems along with their huge incredible issue, case in point with Dekker, sure his skin is falling off and he has a tomato for a heart, but to top it all off Riley will sometimes be an annoying sibling! It helps make Dekker a real person instead of just the hero of the story. Another thing that I like about stories is the fact that Dekker is not perfect, it was his fault that he touched something his aunt told him not to, and his fault that he locked his sister down there later on. Everyone likes it when someone is nice, but being to nice is boring and fits in with the stereotypical hero we all know, having flaws is something that comes with life, we have to try and fix these problems and Dekker by the end is better for his troubles.
        So I guess I’m trying to say that I really like character development, and I think that along with the elements you pointed out they make up the most important part of a story.

        Thanks for answering my question!


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